Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below:

How does the return calculation work?

We will return 6% of the ETH spent while purchasing tokens during the token sale. When converted to USD, at the current rate of $2020 per ETH, the return, on average, is 19%.

We expect all tokens sent to you to be returned in order to receive the maximum return. This includes all other tokens received such as bonus, bounty, referral tokens, and all other possible tokens. If you can't return the total amount received, the ETH amount to return will be proportionally to the number of tokens you transfer back. This percentage will not exceed 100%.

For example if you've spent 5.0ETH (USD $550 per ETH the time) to buy 35,000 tokens and received a total number of 189,175 tokens. You are able to return 175,000 tokens.

    35,000 tokens purchased at 7,000 tokens per ETH
     3,500 bonus tokens
     1,750 referral bonus
   148,925 tokens from the end-of-sale airdrop (370%)
   189,175 total tokens received

   Percent tokens returned:
   92%            175,000 / 189,175 = 0.92 
   ETH to receive:
   0.277ETH       5.0ETH x 6% x 92% = 0.277ETH

   Return in USD at $2020 per ETH:
   $561           0.277ETH x $2020 = $561
   20%            $561 / (5.0ETH x $550) = $561 / $2750 = 0.2

In this example case, you would receive 0.277ETH to your registered wallet. Converted to USD this would be a return of 20%. Please note that we will only return ETH.

When will I receive ETH?

For people who have returned all of the tokens, we periodically return the ETH.

If you didn't return all tokens yet, you have two options:
  1. You can wait until the end of the program.
  2. If will not return more tokens, you can let us know by email that you are finished, and we'll process your return payment.

Who is eligible?

Only people who bought directly from Seal during the token sale using the smart contract will be eligible to make use of this offer.

Why do the amounts differ between people?

The amount to return is based on 6% of the ETH spent. Because some people received extra tokens, such as bonuses, referrals, etc., their token price was lower.

What if I bought or sold after the token sale?

In both cases, you cannot make use of this offer. If you've sold your tokens, you can try buy back tokens from the person you've bought them from. If you did not buy tokens directly from Seal during the token sale, you cannot make use of this offer. Your account is linked with the whitelisted address on the blockchain.

What do I have to do in order to apply?

In order to apply for the crypto return program, you should have received an email about how to access a portal. In the portal you be presented with all relevant information suchs as the number of tokens you received, the maximum ETH you can get back, and your wallet address. You can then read the terms, and if you agree you have a set period of time to send your tokens back. We might have to re-do some KYC or other checks if needed. Once everything is in place, you can transfer the tokens to the specified address. You will need to be able to access to the original whitelisted wallet address associated with your account.