Dear contributors,

We've set up a structure to return an average of 19% (when converted to USD)1 to people who bought during the token sale via our smart contract. We will offer a percentage of the original ether spent during the token sale in return for all tokens received (including bonus, airdrop, etc. tokens)2.

The outlook of companies using the Seal token does not look very promising at this point. We're operating in a space that's in a very early stage, and over the past four years many things have happened. While quite some companies and organizations have shown interest, our business models require many aspects of the client's business to change. Chip placement during manufacturing, marketing, new revenue models and tokens make it a very hard sell. Considering some of the pressure from the community, we think it's best to part ways.

The recent appreciation of crypto has allowed us to return funds to our contributors. While there is no legal contractual obligation to distribute any money, we'd like to offer this as a gesture to the people who took the risk to contribute during the token sale.

There is a lot of potential in this young space, but not all plays turn out successfully. Considering all developments, we believe it's best and in line with the company values to return some funds, so that everybody can move on. Some of you have been very supportive, and we really appreciate those people.

If you were eligible to this offer, you should have received an email and can log in to your account.

This was valid until May 31, 2021.

If you have any questions, please reply to one of the emails you have received from us.

Only people who bought directly from Seal during the token sale were eligible. 1 We have returned a maximum of 6% of the ETH spent during the token sale, depending on the number of tokens returned. 2 The average return rate in USD is 19% at an ETH exchange rate of $2022, but will vary from person to person, depending on date when tokens were bought.